Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Early Spring Treat from the Dark Horse in Riverhead....

Chef Jeff Trujillo of the Dark Horse   in Riverhead made this delectable Easter buche with Chocolate Ganache. (Hand delivered by Lynn's boss and Jeff's Uncle Dwight)...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Toro Tapas & Tequila makes a great first impression....

Toro is a new Tapas and Tequila venue just off the main drag in Patchogue.  We had noticed it a couple of times, but it is off our usual routes so we ended up making a special point to try it with friends.  Simply put, Lynn and I were blown away.  We stuck to their inventive tapas menu where highlights were a savory brussel sprout dish with cheese finished with a hint of aromatic oil ("Coles De Brusellas") and smoky  peppers that has just the right amount of seasoning and heat.  We also savored lightly breaded fish croquettes with a lemon aoli ("Croquetas De Pescado").

 The service and atmosphere was sublime as well.  We have returned already on a couple of occasions as this place is quickly becoming one of our local favorites.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Little Creek Oysters in Greenport gives the traditional Oyster Shack a hip spin...

Lynn found the Greenport, NY gem that is the Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market from a post on The North Forker and it lived up to our expectations and then some. We had two dozen local Oysters on the Half Shell that were briny and bracing on a dreary, rainy day.  The atmosphere was warm with an interior that would have made Wes Anderson proud. Vinyl records lined one wall and a sophisticated turntable shared space at the bar ("Vinyl Night" is a frequent event on Thursdays).  The attractive and engaging owners spoke with us about all things oyster.  I shucked our second dozen dumping the shells into a bucket with emblazoned with  "Shuck Yourself."  After our two dozen and a couple of local beers we reluctantly went back into the baleful late February cold looking forward to our return...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zombie Blood Sriracaha impresses with bold flavors....

I love hot sauces and I am always anxious to sample new ones whenever they come across my radar.  Around New Year's I picked up Zombie Blood: Sriracha Verde (by Vital Eats) while in Saratoga.  It has a nice combination of jalapenos, green pepper and apple cider vinegar which gives it notes of sweetness that sets it apart from other Sriracha sauces.   The company makes a number of interesting sauces that I will try to order or pick up next time we are in the upstate region....

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Bartlett House in Ghent makes a great first impression on Mark and Lynn

Lynn and I went slightly out of our way to pick up some crosiants and the Cherry Apricot Jam at the recently opened Bartlett House in Ghent, New York.  The Bartlett House has a particularly intereseting backstory having been opened in 1870 as a hotel for railroad patrons and having been featured in some of Walker Evans' work around the turn of the century. We ducked in and out but were very impressed with the atmosphere and the menu and will make a point to return there before summer.

\M& L

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bellport Beer fills in the blanks of Mark and Lynn's brew knowledge....

Lynn and I aren't prolific beer drinkers but because of some of our beer aficionado friends we have tried different beers in the past year or so (many of them at Long Island breweries which continue to pop up with great regularity).  When we want something unusual for ourselves or as a gift we head just down the road to Bellport Cold Beer and Soda (AKA "Daves Bellport Beer"-Dave being the gregarious, knowledgeable owner).  We have always had great service and have found some of our favorites like Dogfish Head's briny, puckery Namaste offering which we enjoy mainly with seafood and shellfish.

Visiting BB is always a learning experience and it is nice to have passionate individuals running this operation in our community.  The place constantly gets new offerings and there are always a plethora of beers on tap to experience.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Pierre's Market in Sagaponack brings high end picnic food to the fore....

Pierre s Market in Sagaponack took over the rustic space of the old Sagg General a little less than a year ago.  The result is a charming, sleek and even sexy outpost that hums in the summer being near the beach and having great food and drink perfect for a beach picnic. 

The fall and winter of course brings a noticeable and pleasant slow down of the pace of life on the East End of Long Island. And, as a result, Lynn and I have enjoyed getting lunch at Pierre's on several occasions when we weren't sure what we wanted but wanted something thoughtfully and well prepared that wasn't a fortune. We are especially fond of the duck salad which is a particular treat when we are starved and desperate for something delicious.

We also get a kick out of occassionally running into Pierre himself (a giveaway is his rakish yellow coupe parked outside-impossible to miss!).  He is always charming and warm.

The young staff are also attractive and sweet natured no matter how busy the market might be.

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