Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mangia Mangia (Bravo, Bravo)


Mangia Mangia-

Being unrepentant food snobs Lynn and I often complain about the quality of food in the brookhaven (LI) area. Not so much the food even, just the diffulty in finding imaginative cuisine at a decent price along with cordial service. Despite this, there are notable exceptions that give us something like hope. In nearby Patchogue, Manga Manga is a wonderful newish restaraunt that we have begun to patronize on a regular basis-

Manga Manga's roots have long been established in Patchougue through Del Fiore's which has been a soure of great, earthy Italian fare in the area-Indeed, Del Fiore's Pizza Company has some of the most reliable take out fare in this area with pizza made with nice whole wheat crust and offbeat toppings such as potatoes, bacon, and arugula.

Like Del Fiore, Mangia Mangia walks the line of providing familiar, comfort food with unusual choices

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