Sunday, March 11, 2007

TERRACE 5-MOMA's Secret Weapon

Terrace 5
-(Feb. 24 2007)

We were truly famished and in need of an oasis. If this sounds overly-dramatic, well so was our mood-We had just gotten out of the Comic-con and needed to kill at least two hours. The weather was far too cold to walk around, and having been pummelled by fanboys all day, we felt no need to challenge our physical courage or endurance. So, we cabbed it up to the Museum of Modern Art where we figured we could basically cleanse our palate aesthetically and perhaps simply sit down. Ironically, MOMA was just as bloody crowded and we found ourselves to be in line yet again (for our coats, then for tickets, then to eat). As with everything, our need to eat and imbibe was the priority, so we whizzed by the priceless and sublime artworks to the 5th story where we found Terrace 5 (also known as The Carol and Milton Petrie Cafe) one of three dining options available to museum patrons (the others are the less formal Cafe 2 and the more formal The Modern. Terrace 5 is an excellent in-between choice, chic enough to take a date to, but not so formal as to be off-putting or to scare one off from getting an impromtu bite or drink. The spare interiors are somehow inviting, perhaps because the acoustics are so exceptional that the pleasant murmur from the patrons is almost like a hymn. We had an excellent drink and an excellent gin concotion made with ginger ale. The service was great and hospitable (in contrast to some of the surly guards and docents in the corridors of the museum).

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