Monday, July 9, 2007

Dee-Vine in Greenport

Even the best and most satisfying food on Long Island is often heavy-handed, overdone and portion-heavy. That is perhaps why Vine is such a refreshing departure from this trend. The food, served tapas style is light on its feet, but very satisfying due to its flavor and tapas style presentation. Lynn and I ate there two Sundays in a row and we were wowed both times. Where to begin? The spicy almonds are great (and a serious bargain at 2.00 a serving). I had the argula salad with olive oil and shaved parmegean which was perfect for the hot summer day that we dined there. As for some of the more substantial fare, Lynn had the Moussaka which had a crust of unusual seasoning with an elegant Indian style garnish. The wine list is excellent with an especially nice selection of roses (an oft ignored wine in restaraunts on Long Island) to take some of the sting out of the hot weather. The hosts and staff were all attentive and friendly, especially a lovely young waitress named Emily who waited on us both times and remembered our preferences the sencond time. (Bravo to her). Owner Joe Watson has good reason to be proud of his work here.

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