Monday, August 27, 2007

Hipster Heaven in Islandia !!??-Thai Angel

There are many overrated restaraunts on Long Island (The Bellport, every other restaraunt in the Hamptons, etc), but it is somewhat rare to find an underrated restaraunt, and even rarer to find a truly hip restaraunt (Painters in Brookhaven is close) Thai Angel must rank among the Island's most unsung eateries. Thai Angel has much going against it, its location in unfashionable Islandia, its location in a non-descript strip mall (it shares a sign with Radio Shack). These shortcomings make the experience all the more stunning as the experience upon entering is truly tranformative.

We sampled many offerings-Among the hightlights were the calamari (which had a kind of tempura style preparation), the walnut chicken and the best duck dish I have had on Duck Mad Long Island (the witty Duck Salad)

The meals are complimented by the interesting wine list (the Thai Red and White offerings are perfect to cool down the hot flavors of the food). The service was well-played and the Thai Hipster cook/owner "Ken" was cool and warm with his food and his hospitality. A very hip restaraunt in Suffolk (there aren't many)

812 Veterans Hwy.
Islandia, NY 11749-1548

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