Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Intensity at ten: The Van Lustbaders at Palmer Vineyards-Aug. 07

Two great writers: One infamous (Rhodes) and one famous (Van Lustbader)

The Lustbaders and Moderator Larry Davidson share a humorous moment at Palmer Vineyards

The superlative genre writer Erik Van Lustbader (Ninja, The Bourne Ultimatum) and his wife Victoria (author of Hidden) shared the stage during Palmer Vineyards great and secret "Writers on the Vine" series-The theme was marriage and its effect on writing and the result was a surprisingly intense late Sunday morning with the interesting, attractive couple. The authors were very candid about some of the tensions that arise in a marriage when two couples are working in the same field (especially a tricky field such as writing)-EVL was especially interesting when weighing in on the differences between expectations and encouragement-The couple, intense though they seemed were lovely answering questions from a mesmerized audience-Strangely enough, Lynn and I ran into them again at North Fork Table and Inn where we shared a laugh of good natured recognition...

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