Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tony's Sushi-Damned dissapointing in East Moriches

Many an establishment is elevated because of good service or torpedoed because of bad service. Tony's is unfortunately part of the latter category. This East Moriches, NY eatery has much going for it: A low-key, attractive setting with an excellent and varied menu of Japanese, Thai and Chinese options, an excellent selection of Oriental Beers, Sake and Wine and one of the best lunch specials in the area (1/2 off most sushi from 11:30-to 3). Not to be crude, it also has one of the most stunning lavatories on Long Island. What it does not have is a cordial staff. Most of our eating at Tony's is done at lunch and we inevitably run up against snarly waitstaff who "short" us on essentials like napkins, chopsticks and fortune cookies. (And then question us suspiciously when we request these items). This behavior, mind you, is perpetuated by waitstaff who recognize us as regular clientelle. Lynn and I often promise ourselves we will forego Tony's forever, but inevitably we weaken and give into the place as it does have superlative sushi. We would go there more frequently if the service was even civil.

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