Saturday, September 8, 2007

Upping its standards since 1946-The Barbary Coast-Wilmington's World Class Dive Bar

The Barbary Coast is a legendary bar in Wilmington, NC. As I remember, it was founded by a suitably colorful character in Port City lore: Tugboat Captain/Prizefighter "Buddy" Best (who was a client and friend of my Attorney Father WK Rhodes Jr.). In my twenties, the bar was a great haven because it had cheap beer, a great jukebox and a surprisingly cheerful, attractive staff. It's rougish repuation was well-earned, but it was much less dangerous than people percieved (mainly because owner Paul Best, son of Buddy, ran a tight ship and would not put up with any roughhousing). The result of this was probably the world's most comforting dive bar.

On my recent trip to Wilmington, I pulled in to see if the bar was the same. When I walked in, I was almost nailed by a dart as some guys were playing at 3pm on a dartboard next to the entrance. As I sat down and ordered a PBR it occurred to me that the place had not changed a bit (except for the Barbary Film Festival nights and free wireless internet access)-Great stuff here!


910) 762-8996
116 S Front St
Wilmington, NC

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