Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Yorker moves to Wilmington...and manages to become popular!: Bon Appetit

The restaraunt, Bon Appetit located on Carolina Beach Rd. in Wilmington was a pleasant surprise on our recent trip to Wilmington. The restaraunt serves great, cheap fare for breakfast and lunch and the catering arm of BA is quite accomplished having catered for the television show Dawson's Creek and having been featured on the Food Network as well. My stepdaughter, Kristina took us there with her boyfriend David-In particular the Shrimp omelet was superb and the toast was very good. As with many of these places the atmosphere is casual and friendly with issues of the local Star News lying here and there. The interior is spacious and there is room to maneuver in the place (not necessarily typical for a breakfast place). The service was good as well (a noteworthy thing in Wilmington)-Nothing amazing, but very solid and comforting.

Off-topic aside: Of interest to me was the Sept. 11 tribute on one of the windows-I had not ever seen one in NC-The owner, Eugene Costa, is a native New Yorker which makes sense-Still, with all of the New Yorkers in NC (my father in law, my stepdaughter and my wife's ex-husband are three) it is surprising that there aren't more of these kind of tributes-

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