Friday, October 5, 2007

A Toast, to, uh, Toast in Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson has two of the most underrated dining places in Long Island (especially Suffolk)-One is Salsa Salsa (will profile soon)-The other is Toast-Toast is a the Port Jeff equivalent of comfort food-It reminds me of a certain kind of dining place that I used to frequent in Raleigh and Chapel Hill-The dining room is small, but somehow you don't mind because it is so friendly-This is an odd feeling on Long Island where people are friendly, but typically prefer to keep their distance-Somehow, the owner has turned the small space into an advantage-The food echoes the coziness-Nice, recognizable cuisine with the interesting twist (for instance the "Down Port" omelet features Crab, asparagus and bacon among other ingredients)-There are also nice, near high end wines such as Ravenswood and Gnarly Head which are solid, interesting choices for a decadent lunch-The restaraunt apparently served fondue in the evenings for awhile, but no more, at least at present-Great stuff here-Plus, the prices are reasonable and there is enough variety on the menu that it could be a hipper choice for a family meal than say Friendly's (what is less hip than Friendly's though, right?)

242 E Main St
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

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