Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cult Favorite La Plage is perfection in Wading River...

So many "high end" restaurants on Long Island (and everywhere I suppose) tend toward over-exposure that there are few if any restaurants of real quality that fly under the radar. La Plage is one of those rarities and the result of this is one of the few restaurants on Long Island to achieve something like cult status. Indeed, whenever Lynn and I have a special occasion to celebrate La Plage is always our first thought.

The place has the look of an elegant shack with small, intimate space, a porch for a bar and a nice, cheerful color scheme. Recently, we ate there as part of restaurant week on LI. There was a simple three course price fix for 21.00 (an unbelievable bargain)-There was a nice smoked salmon appetizer, a tart apple salad with jerez vinaigrette. Osso Bucco was a brilliant choice for an entree as was the wine from a vineyard nearby. My fish was nicely prepared with an interesting hint of mint. The service was prompt and cordial and very warm.

In writing this, I find myself stumped to offer even the slightest suggestion of improvement. La Plage is perfection, just don't tell anyone or you might ruin it for the rest of us.

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