Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying to figure out Aldos in Greenport NY

Aldos Coffee in Greenport has always been one of the oddest and most intereting places on the North Fork. Aldo, the white haired proprietor of his namesake coffee bistro is charmingly moody and alternately annoyed and amused by the innate impatience of most of his clientelle. With his chalkboard menu, meticulously crafted coffee and coffee concoctions, Aldo represents the anti-Starbucks on every level with his rough-hewn establishment. Most recently, Aldo has moved across the street to what was called Aldos Two which was, I think, a Sushi restaraunt for many years (the restaraunt never appeared to be open). One Sunday recently we noticed Aldo in the establishment preparing Americanos and other favorites. Naturally, he was not officially open and people came and went as if they were visiting a relative. Aldo was non-plussed by all the clamor around him (as well as the mess of the place which was really impressive). Lynn and I fished Aldo's exquisite coffee beans out of plastic trash bags (he was still in the process of moving in) had two Americanos and left wondering when Aldo might be completely set up in his new place.

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