Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long Island's Mastic Sea Food is Fantastic!

Mastic Sea Food in unfashionable Mastic just off the Montauk Highway is a mind-blowing Old School seafood market. The men there walk around in huge black overhauls with HERCULES stamped on them. There are Mastic seafood hats on sale for 10.00, the t-shirts are two for 10.00. The abundant oysters, clams, mussels, tuna, shark, haddock, squid, etc is a briny feast for the most jaded seafood lover. And, it might be the best place to get lobster on Long Island. The next best place for seafood on Long Island is probably Cor Jays'(I am spelling it wrong) and MSF has it beat with price and selection and it also has a more accesible location (for us of course)-The service is tremendous with patient, burly dudes of all ages alert and informative...

Mastic Sea Food
(631) 281-9608
1051 Mastic Rd, Mastic, NY 11950

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