Monday, July 7, 2008

Ralph's ice is comfort food raised to an art form in Patchougue NY

Created in 1926 by the beloved Ralph Silverto, Ralph's ices is a family owned institution on Long Island. With over 50 locations on "the island" Ralph's is first rate comfort food in the summer. Ralph's has over 100 flavors of ice cream, sherbert and cream ices at any given time, many of them low in fat and/or sugar (many flavors are low in cholesterol too). Drinks and smoothies are also available too (the "Ralphacino" is a popular offering). Lynn and I are especially fond of the Patchogue location which is conveniently located near our gym (allowing us to reward ourselves for exercise with minimum guilt) and has a nice, young staff and is typically open very late.

Patchogue location
126 East Main St (Rear)
Patchogue, NY
(631) 758-1700<

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