Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Strangely unsatisfying- Hudson's wonderful Swoon...(?)

Lynn and I had eaten in Swoon in 2006. It was unknown to us at the time and we stumbled upon it when we went through Hudson on a Sunday around 2:30 when we were particularly hungry and impatient to find something good to eat. We were too impatient to bother with bad food, we had the kind of impatience that demands good food. We managed to find Swoon (after seeing that the Red something restaurant was closed). It was with great relief that we found that this place was a real find. Indeed, in our state of Upstate NY exhaustion we felt like we had found a kind of Shangri La with regard to food.

Having re-visited the place recently we were oddly underwhelmed. There was something worn out about it. Maybe it was the beat up menus placed before us or the serviceable but uninspired service, but it didn't seem the same. This was perplexing because our food was good, the atmosphere pleasant and as was said earlier, the service was satisfactory. The rose' we had was actually pretty amazing. But, as in Proust, memory is an oddity and doesn't follow convention, pattern or desire...

340 Warren Street
Hudson NY 12534
ph 518.822.8938
fx 518.828.9082

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