Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Expensive and unimaginative Food and Spirits at the US Open Tennis Tournament....

Having just visited the US Open in Queens I have to say though the event is a great one and the only sporting event in the US I would go way out of my way to see I have to admit a great deal of disappointment with the food and drink offerings at the historic tournament. Without dissecting every single aspect of it there are a couple of rules of thumb-1. Food is greatly overpriced (a lobster roll at the Fulton Fish Booth was almost 20.00), 2. Drinks are watered down, expensive and served for the most part in tacky plastic cups. There is little in the way of ambiance for dining at the tournament as well.

How to fix it?-A couple of fundamental suggestions...

1. Get cheaper and healthier offerings-There is a lot of fried food available. Make more interesting choices more available like Sushi (which is available), salads, and some more affordable vegetarian or ethnic dishes (like Indian food)

2. Democratize the spirits. Grey Goose was the only vodka visible at the tournament. Why not the new, New York centric LI Vodka? Why not the much-maligned, but utterly decent Georgi Vodka located in nearby Long Island (Syosset)? The US Open is a quintessentially NY event; let the spirits reflect this.

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