Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mark and Lynn get primitive at Obryckis in Baltimore...

As the world gets more sophisticated and we have more culinary, wine and spirit choices it is easy to lose touch with the primal aspect of eating. Eating for sensual pleasure, eating for survival, even preparing food as a skill. Dining at Obrycki's in Baltimore helps bring this notion back to the present tense. Mark and Lynn have wanted to go to Obrycki's, the famous mecca of crab and seafood perfection located in Baltimore (recommended by our friends John and Carol Cheskay) for many years. Driving to Wilmington from Long Island is grueling and it is difficult to take a detour as it can easily turn a 12-13 hour trip into a 14-15 hour trip. Luckily, Mark and Lynn stretched a point as we hit the Baltimore area early in the afternoon and found ourselves at the legendary restaraunt.

Obrycki's is located in the historic Fells Point section of Baltimore in a building that is over 150 years old. The area of town the place seemed untouched by gentrification and felt authentically urban. We got the the place around 2 and we were the only patrons in the sizable restaraunt. We ordered the specialty of the house, a huge platter of steamed crabs with the restaraunts flavorful spice generously applied. Our waitress showed us how to prepare and eat the crabs with great deftness. Lynn and I looked at the huge, crimson plate of crabs and wondered how we could eat so much food. Forty-five minutes later we looked at each other and wondered how could we have eaten so much food. We both remarked that we couldn't help but think of the famous carnal eating scene in Tom Jones where Albert Finney and Susannah York physically anihilated a meal in much the same way that we had. (Although we still had several hours of driving ahead of us)....

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