Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Annalise is at Perabell in Patchogue!-Why are we excited? Read on...

For Mark and Lynn so much of the restaraunt experience is wrapped up in personality. We rarely say "Let's go to Painter's tonight." Instead, it is "Let's go see Kevin tonight." (A favorite bartender of ours at Painter's). This is especially true when we find ourselves gravitating towards a place simply because a favorite bartender has relocated there. So it is with Parabell, a nice restaraunt/bar in Patchogue where Analise, one of our favorites from Mangia Mangia (from our first post ever) has taken up residence behind the bar. Why do we like her so much, well it might be because of her freakishly upbeat personality, her preternatural ability to remember what we like to eat and drink...There are other reasons as well. As a result, we have been frequenting Perabell more than ever (as opposed to never). We will continue to do so (unless she moves somewhere else)...

114 West Main Street;
Patchogue, New York, 11772

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