Monday, October 27, 2008

Deus Ex Machina (look it up) Itsi Bitsi Cupcakes makes Lynn happy...

Lynn is not completely complicated. Economic crisis...Have a cupcake. Conflicted electorate...Have a cupcake-Rising rate of foreclosure...Have a-Well, you get the idea...After braving the Atwater market and the "Circle C" (the Canadian equivalent of Pathmark, just with more panache), Lynn needed sustanace and a sugar rush. Mon Dieu, a Dues Ex Machina popped up in the guise of Itsi Bitsi Cupcakes a very sweet, very cool cupcake bakery a couple of years old near the very hip, very cool, very hip Rue Notre Dame...The smell alone was enough to intoxicate Mark and Lynn into a coma, the taste...Well, you can guess the rest (as the song says).

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