Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hotel Indigo Riverside near Boston is the coolest hotel in New England (just don't tell anyone)

Mark and Lynn had stayed in the Hotel Indigo near Boston in May and it was one of the best hotel experiences we had had in many a year. All the better because we were not expecting that much. On our recent return trip the hotel had taken a huge leap forward on several different levels. The pool area was finished and it was warm enough last weekend to contemplate taking a dip in the heated pool. Beautiful cabanas and lounges lined the pool area making it look like the scene out of Goldfinger when Bond is in Miami Beach.

We had a drink on the patio of restaurant Boxx 109 sitting before a beautiful gas generated firepit that looked like an art object. The waitstaff and management were great to us the whole time expressing there familiarity with us and putting up with our offbeat requests (like fetching six champagne glasses for us to take to our room for an impromptu family celebration) without batting an eyelash.

Hotel Indigo is also a great bargain at well under 200.00 a night (on the weekend no less!). Just don’t tell anyone about it and spoil our secret ok?

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