Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Joe Beef in Montreal the best restaraunt in the world....the short answer is yes

Joe Beef in Montreal is the most satisfying dining experience I have ever had. It had the drama of a great play for me and I will never forget it. I thought about why it had the effect on me and I am still at a loss. Maybe it was like a great opera, or a great magic show, something that is touched by magic but is unexplainable in the regular ways...

In any event, the salad we had was near perfect (translated from the French it was "The Glutton's Salad") with rich pate and confit. Our wines were perfect, and we were so drunk with the sensuality of the place that it was all a blur...Our very pregnant waitress was lovely, directing us and offering advice (as she navigated us through the menu written on a huge bulletin board) in an intimate purr. We were crammed into the smallest of spaces, but people treated us like long lost friends offering compliments on our choices of wines, food, etc...

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