Monday, October 27, 2008

Lynn looks great in her new dress but Les Tois Petit Bouchons doesn't impress...

By far our most dissapointing eating experience during our recent visit to Montreal, this restaurant was not a disaster by any means. There was simply some awkwardness because we got a relatively mild reception by the staff there (by our last night we were used to being greeted very warmly). The space we were seated at was awkward and dark. The menu was written on a blackboard in the bar area so we had to stand there like we were waiting for a train trying to make up our minds about what to eat. (Many of the restaurants had blackboards for menu items, but most were situated where they could be read comfortably from where you might be seated). The reviews we had read praised the wine, but our server could do little to tell us about the wines available (nor did he seem terribly interested in going into it with us). There was no convenient place to put our coats, and again, none of the staff seemed interested in helping out even as we struggled to figure this out.

For what it is worth the food was very good. The duck I had was exceptional. We were sorry we could not really recommend this place as it has much to be desired lacking the French-Canadian charm we had grown so fond of...

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