Monday, October 27, 2008

Pullmans in Montreal lives up to the hype...

Pullmans in Montreal is one of the most high profile restaraunts (really a tapas bar) in Montreal. It was the centerpiece of a recent high profile ad campaign for Montreal tourism and its striking and witty interior (with a chandelier of wine glasses as the restaraunts centerpiece). This image and a promise of hip eating and drinking are what caused us to formulate a short excursion to Montreal from Long Island (about 7-8 hours of driving). We got in last thursday the 23rd and immediately headed out to Pullmans.

We saw the characteristic chandelier and the host greeted us with a warm "Bonjour" and lead us up to the bar area (the restaraunt is somewhat tiered with multiple levels) giving the small space a horizontal dynamic which makes it seem larger than it is).

Lynn and I had drinks, a great negroni for me (a drink that is often made too sweet, but this time with made with a nice citrus bite). We ate a great blate of endive salad, a nice bit of fried calamari and a brilliant cheese plate. The only misfire were the cupcakes which tasted dry and were fine to eat, but rather pedestrian.

Our server was very warm and helpful and she took great pains to make sure we were content and was helpful in recommending other restaraunts in the city to check out...

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