Monday, December 15, 2008

(Hampton Blues part 1)-Citarella in East Hampton is fine, except for the customers...

Citarella is a kind of mini-whole foods with great offerings of cheese, meat, fish and coffee (among many other things). It is the most artistic arrangement of food you are likely to see outside of Manhattan and it is nearly impossible to take because of the customers. The atmosphere is an almost comic stereotype of the pushy New Yorker who is obnoxious and competitive to the core. People crowd the deli counter in yoga pants and Ivy League sweatshirts with only one thought in mind: Getting my half pound of cous cous first! Needless to say, this kind of thing cuts into the fun of Citarella and Mark and Lynn are all about fun especially when it comes to this kind of thing. As with Rowdy Hall which you will read about in the next post, Citarella is merely an accomplice in this, but somehow it counts against them the same...

2 Pantigo Rd.
East Hampton, NY

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