Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mark and Lynn are impressed by The Patio's bartender in West Hampton but the food gets an incomplete...

The Patio in West Hampton NY is a low key iconic (with a small "i") place in low key West Hampton (low key for one of the Hamptons). It has been around for almost 80 years and because of the proximity of the place to the West Hampton Beach Theatre it has hosted many a famous performer (most recently, Susan Lucci according to the manager).

Lynn and I ate there on the fly recently, trying to get something to eat before a performance at the WHB Theatre. We had some items from the bar menu including fried calamari, and fried zucchini & lemon chips. A very expert bartender made nice drinks for us including a negroni which she made without batting an eye (even great bartender we know are sometimes thrown by this somewhat obscure drink). The food was good, not great and we were there by ourselves as we dined at the bar at an offbeat time (around 3:30) which throws off the dining experience.

The Patio gets a bit of an incomplete from M & L. Great drinks, pretty good bar food...Will give it another shot soon...

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