Monday, December 15, 2008

(Hampton Blues Part 2) Rowdy Hall in East Hampton is a great restaraunt, except for the customers...

Mark and Lynn have been going to Rowdy Hall for years and we will no doubt continue to go there for years to come. It is a great place to grab a bite before or after a movie and it is the rare place that has a lot of consistent, unbroken energy through the afternoon so that even if you eat lunch at 2:30 there is usually a nice crowd and a full staff.

The bad about Rowdy Hall is that it is often crowded with clueless patrons who lack even the most basic ideas about courtesy. This is especially true with regard to the bar which is well-stocked with fine beers, good, inexpensive wines and a mixture of old school and hip spirits. The space of the bar is small and it can feel crowded even with five patrons. It is rare that Mark and Lynn sit at the bar without some jerk acting annoying in some form or fashion. There behavior is mostly of the variety of being passive aggressive and not letting you move to a seat. There is little a place can do about this kind of thing and it is typical of the Hamptons where the entitlement of the citizens is often unbecoming.

The good is that the food is excellent pub fare with great, beefy fish and chips, elegant frise salad and the best and coolest bartender in the Hamptons, Dermont...
Go and enjoy, but consider yourself warned.

10 Main St.
East Hampton, NY
T: 631.324.8555

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