Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jackson Hole in Queens is great, but a long way from Wyoming...

Mark & Lynn had driven into the city a couple of times and our driver recommended this place as a kind of comfort food mecca (an overused descriptor these days to be sure). But, to our surprise the place really was a kind of comfort food shangra-la (Sp?). In any event, the place's Edward Hopper like mystique is considerable with a juke box full of so bad its cool music, offbeat looking clientelle and tough dame waitresses.

The place is most famous (and proud of) its seven ounce burger. But I, always watchful of my waistline ordered a Grilled Chicken salad which was easily the heftiest salad I have ever eaten (so much for my attempt to keep in trim). Lynn's wondorous metabolism allowed her to order a Goat Cheese burger with a shake without any effect on her except to increase her allure...
Jackson Hole
Neighborhood: Queens/Astoria Heights
6935 Astoria Blvd
Jackson Heights, NY 11370
(718) 204-7070

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