Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Living Room Bar at the W Hotel in Times Square is nice, but where is the food?

Mark and Lynn love a great bar an the Living Room bar in the W/Time Square is achingly chic with sleek, retro/modern furnishings an artful bar display, a shifting projection of abstract patterns and plenty of attractive bartenders to keep things interesting for the clientelle. The area is near the check in and it was tempting for Mark and Lynn to simply drop everything and have a cocktail during early afternoon check-in.

The only real problem with the place is that when we went past it on the way to and from our room the bar was either completely packed or completely empty (not any kind of exaggeration). The result of this is that you are either facing awkward silence and feeling like you are drinking in a furniture showroom or you are competing with desperate Type A New Yorkers. A tough bargain all the way around. The cocktails at present are well in keeping with the style of featuring "old school" heavy on the liqueur cocktails...Unfortunately, there is no food served...An odd and potentially problematic mistake and not a way to endear yourself to Mark & Lynn

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