Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Porters on the Lane in Bellport Long Island impresses with an imaginative Martini...

Porter's in Bellport has become a favorite of Mark & Lynn's for a number of reasons; Crisp and casual service, a well-run dining room, sharp hosting, a solid menu with some imagination and now finally Porter's has one of the most interesting drinks on Long Island by the name of a Dirty Blue Vodka Martini.

The concoction's secret weapon is a number of Blue Cheese stuffed olives which give the drink a briny, salty quality that is both refined and rakish. The excellent staff there do a great job making it and on a recent cool Saturday night the drink managed to be a delicious treat after a long day.

PORTERS on the lane
19 Bellport Lane
Bellport, NY 11713
fax: 631-803-6069
phone: 631-803-6067

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