Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sawmill is the hippest restaurant in Wilmington...It just doesn't know it

The Sawmill Restaurant on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, NC is the kind of place that would be a cult hangout in NY or one of the Burroughs 1. Retro feel-Check 2. Cheap, comfort food-Check 3. "Authentic" (ie working class) customers-check-
Places like Freeman's and the Rusty Nail pour thousands into making bars and restaurants that seem ramshackle.

The Sawmill is the real thing-Great, offbeat food (the best fried oysters I have had), good coffee and warm, efficient service (a miracle in Wilmington) have made the Sawmill a real favorite for a breakfast or hearty lunch in the Port City. The location, on the way to and from Carolina Beach also makes the place stand out as there are few restaurants of note in this part of Wilmington.

I can't wait for some guy to move to Brooklyn and create an authentic Southern style restaraunt and call it Sawmill 2 or something like that...

Sawmill Restaurant
(910) 350-6909
5611 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 2841

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