Monday, May 25, 2009

Mark and Lynn sample Black Box Wines at Quench in Patchogue, NY

A nice low key event at the very fine spirit/wine shop Quench in Patchogue this past Memorial Day weekend; a tasting of Black Box Wines. The catch, it is wine in a box! This development in wine has been met with some controversey as wine in a box is, in theory, a superior proposition all the way around as the wine stays "fresh" longer and it is a good value. There is also the practical advantage of not having to worry about glass while on a boat, on a picnic, etc. The loss is of course some of the rituals that make wine drinking part of age old traditions like popping a cork, etc. and not just a practical venture.

In any event, the merlot was very solid and appropriate for the grilled steaks that Mark and Lynn were planning to eat as part of the holiday. I don't know that we are converts yet, but it is for certain that when fine establishments like Quench have this kind of wine as part of their inventory then you can be sure box wines are here to stay.

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