Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Blue Point Diner has pretty good food that on occasion tastes pretty great...

The Blue Point Diner is the kind of eatery where if you go there a hundred times and order the same thing it will be exactly the same 100 times. Do not think this is any kind of criticism, on the South Shore of Long Island (especially in and around Brookhaven) consistency in some of the establishments is a rarity (ie, the Grey Horse Tavernn).

And, in this regard the Blue Point Diner more than delivers. The food is exceptional comfort food (an overused term at this point-but no other way to put it); Our favorites the Greek Omelet, the Greek Salad and the Corn Beef Hash. The place is very cozy and the portions are coma inducing (the Greek Salad is extremely filling) so, it is more fun to eat at in there in the winter. However, when you want an upgrade from the usual weekend jostle at Long Island delis on Sunday morning it is a nice, inexpensive way to get fuel for working in the yard, going to the gym or, (more likely) hitting the sack for a few hours...

(631) 363-0133
145 Montauk Hwy, Blue Point, NY 11715

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