Monday, June 22, 2009

Need a $130.00 Used T-Shirt? Have we got a place for you in Montauk...(called Melet Mercantile)

If you read the newspapers and check the interweb it seems that we are in a bit of an economic recession. I guess some of the folks in Montauk didn't get the news because when Lynn and I went out there on Father's Day we found a place called Melet Mercantile which is a kind of art gallery/retail space/salvation army.

This branch in Montauk (the other is located in Soho) is housed in an old garage near a taxi stand. The space is filled with old surfboards, used t-shirts and old magazines. The layout is achingly hip and artful and for the time we were there a local guy was working hard hitting on two of the women working there (explaining his take on the suddenly controversial Montauk Shark tournaments).

I will say that it the place was unique for Lynn and me in that everything was overpriced, really overpriced. Old OP t shirts that I used to buy for ten dollars at Surf City in Wrightsville Beach were upwards of $130.00. Beat to death library books with subject matter on skin diving or deep sea fishing were $100.00. Even in the Hamptons this is a bit much; and with the economy in such a lurch (which the East End has especially felt) it seemed a little in bad taste.

The place has been billed as a bit of an art gallery, but there was no real evidence of art except for a few framed Polaroids. The owner Bob Melet had been quoted as saying the place was supposed to be fun and a place to "gather and hang out." Apparently, the staff there that day did not get Mr. Melet's message as we were completely ignored during our short time in MM...

102 Industrial Rd.
Montauk, NY
T: 631/668-9080

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