Sunday, August 16, 2009

Como se llama "sucks" : Spain on the Road Again blows Mark and Lynn away with it's lameness....

Mark and Lynn were intereseted in this show before it aired, but what a letdown. I know it has been on for awhile but it is oddly bad and I can't get the badness of it out of my head.

Where do I start? !. The lame flirting between Batali, Paltrow, Bittman and that Spanish actress 2. The smug posturing of the four participants in the show 3. The lazily edited, awkard car rides from town to town 4. The self-congratulatory egotistical back-slapping (Gwyneth: "You're Mario Freaking Batali!").

The other travel show with an egotistical partiicpant is Anthoy Bourdain's No Reservations on theTravel Channel. His show, we like, howver, he is a self-aware guy and he seems to learn something in the process of his travels, plus he has a good sense of humor about himself. Not so with the four people in Spain: On the Road Again. Bitman is particularly annoying trying to cozy up to the Spanish actress. A vanity piece for the all involved...

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