Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Alicia Infante the hot new baker on Long Island?

(this is not Alicia-this is my charming daughter EVSI)

Mark and Lynn got a shipment of green tea cupcakes from a follower of this site. The cupcakes were made by Alicia Infante, a culinary student and up and coming baker. Her work was lovely; light with a strong impact of flavor; elegant in construction and appearance they were a perfect late summer/early fall confection. If you want to contact this promising, young baker simply email her at you will be glad you did...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loughlin Vineyards and Barney amuse Mark and Lynn with its working class feel......

When Mark and Lynn moved here (Long Island) one of the first places we went to was Loughlin Vineyards. About 10 years later we thought it might be time to go back. When we went back we remembered why we waited....

Anyway, Loughlin vineyards is located just outside of Sayville and is a one man show as far as we can see. The one man show; Barney Loughlin.

Barney is about 84 and is still pouring wine on Saturdays and cracking bad jokes. Somehow this works. His wine tastes the same as when we moved here in 2000; brusque, raw and a little rough around the edges (like the man himself). But, hardly unpleasing (like the man himself). His whites are actually pretty good, but skip the reds and the rose (which is as sweet as a coca-cola).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mark and Lynn squeeze the last of summer out at the Blue Point Brewing Company...

Blue Point Brewery in Blue Point, NY is a great place to congregate to sample some great brewery craft on Long Island. BPB offers free tastes in a small bar onsite (a couple of brews are a 1.00 for a taste) as well as 4.00 pints. The beers have won awards in several prestigous brewing competitions and indeed there are some excellent choices. Our favorites? Toasted Lager (hefty and with a consistency like bread), Oatmeal (which compares favorably to Guiness) and a special 10 year anniversary brew... The brewing company
As the guy in the commercial says "Mark and Lynn don't always drink beer, but when we do we prefer Blue Point."
Blue Point Brewing Company
(631) 475-6944
161 River Ave, Patchogue, NY

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carla Marla's in Bellport, NY rates as a pretty good ice cream parlor...

There is nothing fancy about Carla Marla's; the flavors rearely if ever change and there is no atmosphere to speak of; there is no sense of the gourmet potential of ice cream as in Ralph's in Patchogue. Finally, a simple cone can run almost 5.00 (nearly as much as desserts in a regular restaraunt). At Carla Marla's you have just a couple of high school kids slinging ice cream out of a bucket. Nontheless, there is no place more comforting in the Bellport area when you need to wind down after a tough day or after a nice meal at Porter's across the street. The ice cream, generic though it is, is pretty good and the kids working there are unfailingly polite.

8 Bellport Lane Bellport Lane
Bellport NY 11713
t: 631-286-0044

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