Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carla Marla's in Bellport, NY rates as a pretty good ice cream parlor...

There is nothing fancy about Carla Marla's; the flavors rearely if ever change and there is no atmosphere to speak of; there is no sense of the gourmet potential of ice cream as in Ralph's in Patchogue. Finally, a simple cone can run almost 5.00 (nearly as much as desserts in a regular restaraunt). At Carla Marla's you have just a couple of high school kids slinging ice cream out of a bucket. Nontheless, there is no place more comforting in the Bellport area when you need to wind down after a tough day or after a nice meal at Porter's across the street. The ice cream, generic though it is, is pretty good and the kids working there are unfailingly polite.

8 Bellport Lane Bellport Lane
Bellport NY 11713
t: 631-286-0044

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