Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loughlin Vineyards and Barney amuse Mark and Lynn with its working class feel......

When Mark and Lynn moved here (Long Island) one of the first places we went to was Loughlin Vineyards. About 10 years later we thought it might be time to go back. When we went back we remembered why we waited....

Anyway, Loughlin vineyards is located just outside of Sayville and is a one man show as far as we can see. The one man show; Barney Loughlin.

Barney is about 84 and is still pouring wine on Saturdays and cracking bad jokes. Somehow this works. His wine tastes the same as when we moved here in 2000; brusque, raw and a little rough around the edges (like the man himself). But, hardly unpleasing (like the man himself). His whites are actually pretty good, but skip the reds and the rose (which is as sweet as a coca-cola).


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