Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bewley's Cafe is OK, but just OK

Bewley's an Irish instituion and business beheamouth has a nice cafe in Dublin that we ate a late breakfast at during our last 48 hours in the city. The cafe, better known as Bewley's Cafe Theatre, is a touchstone for Dubliners and has a unique way with events hosting lunchtime drama productions as well as music and cabaret performances. The interior is a large space with high ceilings and some interesting stained glass.

This venue did not impress us very much. The coffee was very good, but less impressive than many other places like Butler's and even some of the coffee we got in the Limerick market. I had a smoke salmon salad that was ok, but nothing to write home about. The interiors seemed dirty and the wait staff seemed strangely harried (one of the few times we saw waitstaff that were flustered).

Not anything like a disaster, but we were a little mystified about the reputation of the place versus our experience there...

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