Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark and Lynn visit Guinness in Dublin ...

It is hardly news that Guiness is more than a beer in Ireland, it is kind of a national life blood. Guiness adds are plastered all over the Emerald Isle which is odd since the beer needs about as much promotion as oxygen.

In any event, we had the chance to see the Guiness Storehouse which is a kind of interactive Guiness experience. This was fairly interesting even though seeing something being made like beer is not all that exciting. The Guienss experience is somewhat more interactive than the Jameson tour for instance as many of the Guiness exhibits have a kind of performance art/video installation quality which makes the tour seem more interesting and dynamic.

The real reward (as with the Jameson tour) is the beer tasting at the end. The tour ends at the 7th floor top of the Guiness Storehouse where participants get a complimentary pint of Guiness to enjoy with a brilliant 360 degree view of Dublin (I believe that this is the highest pont in Dublin). The idea here is that enjoying a Guiness is the closest thing to heaven in Ireland (literally and figuratively)...

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