Monday, November 2, 2009

The Oar House in Dubln satisfies with nice Tapas and Seafood...

The Oar House in Dublin is one of the best combinations of all that is good in Irish food; good, creative use of traditional ingredients, a lot of variety without stooping to gimmickry and a casual atmosphere that radiates charm and good will.

The most interesting and appealing aspect of the dining experience is that diners have a choice to have tapas or a regular serving of most of the offerings. This of course enables one the chance to have an orgy of food choices or settle onto one entree. We opted for the orgy as we ate calamari, shucked oysters and Dublin Bay Prawns.

The restaraunt has a raffish charm befitting its placement along a rugged wharf. The insides are covered with nautical themed decor which makes it quite colorful...

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