Sunday, January 24, 2010

Public House 49 in Patchogue is ok but a bit of an underachiever...

One of the posts most often "hit" on this site was just an afterthought from the summer when I put up a short post about Public House 49 looking like it was about to open. This footnote of a post is nothing more than a quick update about a space in Patchogue that had had some trouble sustaining restaraunt clientelle; The Mustard Seed, the weird, incoherent Hazy Moon.

Public House 49 is a step above all of these failures and a fully realized restaraunt. Having said that, it exhibits the rough around the edges quality that is typical of some other Patchogue/Bayport/Blue Point establishments like Mangia Mangia and the Grey Horse Tavern: in other words pumped up pubs in the guise of fine restaraunts. The nights we went, the service was accomodating but not smooth. The food was good, but as with other restaraunts in the area the emphasis is on alcohol, mainly beer which is fine if you are thirsty but not so much if you are hungry.

The main problem with the place is the cavernous insides which are tough on the ears. It is hard to say what can be done about this, but in any event, it is a real problem as your voice, the music, etc causes a din that is tough to deal with if you aren't in the mood.

As we said, the food was good, but as is the case in many restaraunts in Brookhaven it tends to be overdone and overly sauced (like taking the restaraunts nice skirt steak and giving it a heavy handed glaze). Again, that is ok if you want comfort food, but if you want something light and restrained it can be a problem.

The middle of main street Patchogue deserves a solid eating establishment and Public House 49 seems to be a solid performer. Whether it becomes memorable and worthy of real accolades depends on if the food is more elegant and the service is more consistent.

49 E. Main Street
Patchouge, NY 11772

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