Saturday, February 13, 2010

Caffe Phoenix is stuck in a rut, but are there worse things in store for the Downtown Wilmington stalwart?....

The last time we tried to go to the Caffe Phoenix in Wilmington, North Carolina we didn't even get past the point of getting seated. That was a couple of years ago and this time out we were brave (or foolish) enough to try the place again (our first choice the Dixie Grill was closed to make some repairs).

Our experience was ok, with a good server, and a decent, cheap South American house wine. The menu, however, seemed virtually unchanged since the time that Mark had frequented the CP. What was the same?: a hummus plate, "fire bird" (blackened chicken) and Spinach with Prosciutto. There was no sign of using local ingredients (this is the case in many of Wilmington's restaraunts which tend toward chains or franchises).

We read that the Phoennix was moving to another location on Princess street. This is unfortunate since the space and the restaraunt are one and the same. Is this the sign of the end of the Caffe Phoenix?...
9 South Front Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

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