Monday, February 22, 2010

The Hot Pink Cake Stand in Wilmington, NC is off to a promising start...

The Hot Pink Cake Stand in Wilmington is a newly minted cupcake salon which seems to have a promising start in the Port City because of a) a Charming Owner (Jody Carmicheal) and b) the quality of her product and finally c) a strong, grass roots marketing strategy.

Lynn has a considerable sweetooth and oddly enough, cupcakes are not front and center with regard to desserts or treats on Long Island (heavy handed Italian desserts tend to dominate). So, the odd abundance of cupcakes in the Port City was a real novelty for us on our recent trip to Wilmington. The Hot Pink cake Stand had a very nice coconut cupcake that was particularly appreciated by Lynn who said the coconut had a nice texture and crunch.

The owner chatted with us a few minutes and admitted that Facebook was a strong marketing tool for her to communicate with her "friends" about the store and its offerings.

Ms. Carmichael did seem in possession of a sensible nature about her approach to her business and she seemed to have good instincts about marketing. However, it appears to me that she faces a couple of real challenges one of which is that Downtown Wilmington is a much more hostile environment than it was when I lived there in the 90's. Parking is expensive and draconian meter maids patrol the streets; there seems to be too many bars in the Downtown area which seems to have caused some nagging problems with vandalism and crime in general; finally, her space is attractive but cavernous (definitely not a "stand") and she will have to work hard to grow into the considerable dimensions of her storefront.

She seems aware of all this and she did mention plans to make the place a venue for parties/events and wine tastings. Again, Ms. Carmichael seems savvy and smart and we look forward to trying some of her handiwork later this year when we visit the Port City yet again...

Wilmington, NC, 28401
910-343-HPCS (4727)
Mon - Sat:
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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