Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trolley Stop downtown Wilmington dissapoints in the nostalgia department....

The Trolley Stop has been in the Wilmington area for nearly my whole life. The original location was in Wrightsville Beach (it is still there apparently). The menu is nearly the same as when it opened (as best as I can remember).

Lynn and I typically don't love fast food but we were always glad to eat one of the Trolley Stop's flavorful concoctions (the surfer dog was a particular favorite with it's bacon bits and flavorful cheese). There are vegetarian and even vegan style hot dog offerings (a healthy rarity in the don't ask don't tell world of hot dogs).

Sadly, we just ate at the downtown location on Front Street and were sorely dissapointed. The hot dogs seemed pedestrian and the dining room seemed desolate with sticky tables and the radio playing. Atmosphere was never a strong point with the Trolley Stop but it always had a pleasant "vibe." Sadly, not anymore; the place at the beach may very well be charming, but the place downtown needs a serious renovation....

910) 343-2999
121 N Front St
Wilmington, NC

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