Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cafe 2 at Museum of Modern Art...

Lynn and I celebrated our tenth anniversary over the weekend with a trip to Manhattan. As usual, Lynn wanted to do and see everything. At the top of our list was going to the Museum of Modern Art to take in the Tim Burton Retrospective. We had not been there together in nearly three years, but we remembered the nice array of restaurants there and figured that we could get a better than average lunch there.

The Burton exhibit was packed and by the time we had navigated through the ephemera and memorabilia packed exhibit we were ready to eat and have a glass of wine. We had eaten at the MoMA's Terrace 5 in years past but had never tried the more modest Cafe 2.

Cafe 2 was bustling on this Saturday, but with good servers and staff we were seated fairly quickly. The menu was definitely exceptional for a cafeteria style eatery. I was able to get air dried bresaola as well as dry cured wild boar cacciatorini. Lynn had shaved fennel salad and a cured tuna bruschetta. Lynn had a nice Italian white wine and I had an equally fine chianti. For more on MoMA's restaraunts click here; for more about the museum itself click here.

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