Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jackon and Papa hit World Pie in Bridgehampton...

Recently went to Southampton and Bridgehampton on my Daughter's Wedding Day to hit a few Golf Balls with my son in Law David Perkins and My grandson Jackson. This was great fun and more important a great respite for the males close to the wedding party (in other words us).

We stopped by World Pie in Bridgehampton to get a drink. My Negroni was perfect and the hostess was (predictably) charmed by Jackson (or possibly all three of us-who knows?)...

World Pie‎
2402 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
(631) 537-7999‎

Monday, May 24, 2010

Want to stay in a room that combines Playstation 3 and Olympian Sonja Henie? May we suggest the Maidtone in East Hampton?

To celebrate my mother in law's 85th birthday we thought the new, hipped up Maidstone Hotel  in East Hampton seemed like an ironic choice for an octagenarian.   We had been there a couple of times in the mid 2000's for The Hampton International Film Festival (when I worked for Films in Review) for one event or the other and were always impressed with the cozy, wasp atmosphere. 

Now, it is quite different thanks to a considerable, but not intrusive make over by Sweedish Hotelier Jenny Ljungberg who is well known for the "c/o Hotels philosophy; a mix of free-spirited Scandanavian design with a timeless sophistication." (as per the Maidstone website).  Apparently, this means lots and lots of color.

We ate brunch at The Living Room in the Hotel.  The restaraunt adheres closely to the "slow food" philosophy which endorses the promotion of regional and traditional cuisine (in a nutshell).  That is all well and good, but our main concern was the food. 

We need not have been too concerned; Lynn and I split a splendid plate of   "Peconic Pride" Oysters and I had something that I think was called Toast Pelle Jannson which consisted of grass fed beef carpaccio with a garnish of Swedish lojrom caviar, creme freche, baby greens and shaved Vasterbotten cheese (it was superb).

When I ordered a negroni the pretty bartender concocted it without batting an eye.  Feeling particularly sweedish I ordered an aquavit chaser (tough to find in any restarauint).

The hotel's manager was nice enought to show us around the hotel (without our having to ask).  Each room had a theme related to a famous Scandanavian ("The Sonja Heine" suite made me think of my dad  who was enchanted with the Olympian) and had a shiny Playstation 3 as part of the decor.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Park Avenue Potluck is another great book for Mother's Day...

Reading this well-organized, beautifully organized book allows one the chance to live vicariously like a Park Avenue socialite. Many of the recipes are family favorites and have personal stories which add interest and history to the recipes themselves. Photographs of the well-appointed dining interiors with freshly ironed linens, pretty antique china and simple but striking boquets help inspire as much as the recipes.

A particular favorite was Eggs in a Nest from Nicole Limbocker which is a simple concoction of English Muffin, eggs and ham with an elegant twist; to make the nest whipped egg whites are placed in the depression in the muffin and make a visually appealing and delcious dish (in less than 15 minutes!)


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