Monday, June 7, 2010

Mark and Lynn catch up with Redwood Creek winemaker Sean Hails...

Redwood Creek has just released a new Malbec entry in its superior but affordable line of wines.  We caught up with RC winemaker Sean Hails about the company's newest offering...

M & L:  What are the challenges in making a good Malbec? Did it differ from challenges creating any other of your signature reds?

SH: "The same challenges, actually. Making sure you start with fantastic fruit and then guide the winemaking process to deliver a great bottle every time."

M & L: Do you think there is a "type" of wine lover who particularly enjoys Malbec?

SH: "Anyone who enjoys a fantastic, fruit forward red will enjoy this Malbec. There is great depth of ripe red and blue fruits with a backdrop of oak."

M & L: Are there any situations or meals that would go particularly well with your Malbec?

SH: "Anytime someone has family or friends around for a meal is the perfect time for this Malbec."

"My favorite Malbec pairing has to be with a BBQ tri tip roast. Marinate the roast with garlic, black pepper and salt, then cook it on the BBQ rotisserie. Serve it with fresh grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes."

M & L:  Malbec has become a popular wine. As a result, do you think Malbec is a grape that is in danger of overexposure?

SH: "No, not really. I feel that Malbec is just starting to pick up momentum."

M & L: What does producing this varietal mean to Redwood Creek? Does it change or affect your image in any way?

SH: "I don’t think it changes our image, I think it fits actually. We bring great wines to our consumers; this is just another example."

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