Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apothic Red helps us get out of a white wine rut...

The backstory: In late 2006, a veteran winemaker worked alongside his protégé Boyd Morrison to explore the Old World traditions of winemaking while realizing a markedly New World style. Morrison used this as his inspiration to create Apothic Red, in which he blends spicy Zinfandel, America’s most distinctive grape, with smooth Merlot and lush, dark Syrah.

M & L's story: In our mind the dog days of summer mostly scream out for cold, uncomplicated white wine which helps keep the depressing heat at bay for the most part.  There are some nice, light reds that provide a nice alternative to the steady flow of whites that wine drinkers often associate with summer.

 Apothic is a very pleasing summer red with flavors of black cherry and cardamom and even some orange peel; a nice combo of hard and soft flavors which helped us out of our white wine stupor....

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