Monday, August 23, 2010

(Mark and Lynn like the Mercer in Soho)

We went to The Mercer Hotel in Soho on Saturday for lunch which is well-known for having been the location where Russell Crowe famously heaved a shoe at an unfortunate clerk (who later did well in an out of court settlement).  This connection to high profile bad behavior is unfortunate since the Hotel is a wonderful, welcoming establishment every time we have visited. 

We had no wait and the host sat us at a large booth which accomadated us very comfortably.  The interiors are modern, but not cold since there are large windows which allow for a lot of natural light and a sense of the vibrant energy of the city just outside on the street. Lunch was a great thin crust Raw Tuna and Wasabi pizza which had the vivid look of an artist's pallette as well as blackfish carpaccio which was razor thin and flavorful.  The waistaff was accomadating and warm,  leaving us little need to throw a shoe.

(The Mercer) 99 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012.

T: 212 966 5454.

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