Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boqueria raises tapas to an art...

Fortune smiled on Lynn and Mark recently while in Manhattan with our stumbling upon Boqueria at 53 West 19th Street.  The restaurant reminded us of the bistros we had eaten at in Montreal a couple of years ago; warm service, a comforting atmosphere and creative food and spirits. 

We were both a bit tired as we had covered a lot of ground having gone to the Museum of the City of NY as well  walking almost 100 blocks.  Suffice to say we were starving and exhausted.  Our server, Melissa, made us feel at home and helped us relax as we got off our feet.  We enjoyed a blur of dishes, most of them tapas style such as Txipirones  (Baby squid a la plancha, arugula, olive, crispy radish, and garbonzos).  Other standouts were samples of Rosemary Manchego  as well as a beautiful serving of Mejillones (Mussells).  Best of all was the fig infused brandy which had the clarity and straightforward fragrance of a great perfume.

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